Terms and Conditions

Return Policy: Returns are accepted if wrong items were shipped. The correct order will be shipped once the return is received. Returns are also accepted if the product arrives damaged caused through the shipping process. We require picture proof via e-mail (info@lagatime.com) within 3 days of item received in order for a return to be accepted. We cannot accept returns if the product was damaged in any other way.

Refund Policy: Refunds are only given if an order is cancelled before it is shipped. All sales are final.
Cancellation policy: Please e-mail us immediately after purchase at info@lagatime.com to cancel an order. If the item has already shipped we cannot cancel an order or give a refund.

Shipping: Shipping in the United States takes 1-3 business days. International shipping varies on location and could take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months. Because of this we recommend all of our international buyers to contact us at info@lagatime.com to upgrade your shipping to ensure a faster and process. Please e-mail us if you would like a tracking number. We are not responsible for items lost by mailing services. If an item doesn’t arrive on time, please file a missing package report through the mailing service (USPS). If they have confirmed the package is lost, we will resend your order at no extra charge.

Health and Safety: All products purchased and used are to be purchased and used under your discretion. We are not responsible for any physical damage caused by the misuse of our products. To ensure safety of the Kiwi Sling please follow these guidelines found here and on our website at Lagatime.com:

  • Child should be buckled safely in the car seat before use of the Kiwi Sling.
  • Kiwi Sling should be buckled correctly before use.
  • One hand should always hold the car seat handle at all times.
  • Ensure the Car seat rests on your hip for maximum comfort.
  • Place the Kiwi Sling on the opposite shoulder of where the car seat will rest to avoid slippage.
  • Do not buckle or unbuckle the Kiwi Sling while it’s bearing weight.
  • Persons using Kiwi Sling should have sufficient strength to hold and carry car seat and child without the assistance of the Kiwi Sling.
  • Do not use Kiwi Sling for weight over 120lbs.
  • Do not use Kiwi Sling for any other purposes.